Park City Film Festival adds screening of excellent Documentary

By popular demand, the Park City Film Festival is adding another screening of this wonderful documentary. The PCFMF runs through May 30 at three great film venues in Park City. Over 200 films are being screened. Visit and download the Schedule in .pdf format.

TIN CAN SAILORS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN DOCUMENTARY 00:53:00 Admission $5/$10 Admission May 26th Library 8:30pm
The Pacific War in their own words. ‘Tin Can Sailors Will Not Be Forgotten’ offers a brief history of WWII in the Pacific intertwined with a verite slice of contemporary Americana. Focused on the Annual Reunion of the USS Morris Veteran’s Association, the film offers a glimpse at the lives of destroyer men who faced death in their youths and are now faced with their own mortality. A labor of love, this remarkable film has been put together with no budget after the filmmaker heard the story of his father’s experiences aboard the tiny destroyer, USS Morris. The film is a gritty look at war told through the first-person experiences of the sailors. Composer Steve Greaves
Director Greg Berg Co-Director Steve Greaves, David Fratto